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Enjoy fresh, clean carpets in your home that are completely safe for the whole family with King Organic Clean.
During this terrible time we all are going through, this company offered my first mow free! I didn’t believe it but they did it yesterday! Being furloughed from our jobs not knowing what the future holds this was such a blessing and I hope everyone like us will be able to use their service that they so deserve! To God Be The Glory!!
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"Shane and his team at King Organic Carpet Care are my go to for carpet cleaning. I own Advanced Cleaning Experts and we use Shane exclusively because of their service and dedication to their craft. The organic piece is also very important to us and our clients. Thanks Shane! See you guys on the next one!"
John R. from Google
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100% Organic. 100% Safe. 100% Effective.

When it comes to clean carpets in your home or commercial property, it’s not just how they look on the outside that matters (although that is important too!). It’s how thoroughly they are cleaned deep within their fibers as this will ensure that any nasty bacterias or allergens are completely removed. But what does this really mean? A clean and healthy environment for you and your family.

King Organic Clean is an owner-operated company that provides professional, non-toxic carpet cleaning that is 100% organic. That’s right, carpet cleaning that effectively removes stains, spills, bacterias, and allergens while being completely safe for your whole family — and not to mention, great for the environment. Why not take a look to see what our customers are saying about our organic carpet cleaning services? We take the time to clean your carpets thoroughly and properly — it means we get it right for you the first time. We promise, once you switch to organic carpet cleaning, there is no going back!
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Chemical & Toxin-free. Safe for your children & pets
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Organic cleaning supplies that clean just as well as the non-organic stuff
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Local, owner-operated carpet cleaning company
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Certified organic & Approved by the American cancer society®

You can trust that we are using 100% safe cleaning products in your property
Organic Carpet Cleaning

Clean Carpets. Clean Environment. Happy Family.

Professional carpet cleaning isn’t just about the equipment that is used, it’s also about the cleaning solutions too. It’s one thing to have your carpets professionally cleaned but if you or your family start to feel irritated or allergies start to arise, it could be down to the chemicals used to clean your carpets. We take this completely out of the equation.

At King Organic Clean, we only use 100% organic cleaning solutions for your carpets. These are the safest cleaning products for humans, pets, and the environment — and the results are long-lasting fresh carpets that are completely safe for your family. To take it one step further to help protect the environment, we use the newest innovative electric cleaning technology to bring the most effective results.
Organic carpet cleaning in Parker, CO

Why choose organic carpet cleaning?

It will help you & your family breathe easier by disinfecting your indoor air
Kills germs & bacteria while remaining safe for humans & pets
No residue so cleanings last longer
No smelly chemical odors
Dries fast, doesn't take days
Protects the environment

See what our happy customers in & around Parker, Co have to say!

"Amazing service and clean!! Turned a carpet I thought needed replacement into a new looking one! Saved me over $5000 in installing new! Smells fresh and clean and Im not breathing toxic fumes! They worked very hard!! So grateful for this new internet find!!"
Gin G. from Google
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Additional Organic Cleaning Services

Take a look below to see the other organic, safe, non-toxic, and eco-friendly cleaning services we provide!

Organic Tile & Grout Cleaning

Restore the luster of your tiles with our state-of-the-art cleaning system that uses a combination of intense heat and high-pressure extraction to remove even the toughest build-up. Say goodbye to dirt, bacteria, and allergens and hello to thoroughly cleaned and safe tiles!
Organic tile cleaning in Parker, CO

Organic Furniture cleaning

Have peace of mind knowing that your furniture is now safer and cleaner for you, your pets, and your children to relax on. Using only our exclusive plant-based and salt, organic cleaning system. You get an allergy-safe, environmentally friendly, non-toxic, & fragrance-free cleaning.
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Organic Wool Area Rug Cleaning

Enhance the beauty of your rugs once again with a professional organic rug cleaning. Our experts understand how to take care of your expensive wool and delicate fabrics and we can conveniently pick up an deliver them to you at your home or work.
Area rug cleaning in Parker, CO

Organic Air Duct Cleaning

Breathe easier and enjoy clean air in your home with professionally cleaned air ducts. Air ducts harbor dust, allergens, and bacteria — our organic cleaning will effectively remove these allergy triggers and provide a healthy environment for your family.
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Your Satisfaction is guaranteed

Rest assured, your satisfaction is always our top priority. We always take the time to ensure you are 100% happy, no matter how long this takes - we want it to be perfect for you.
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Meet King Organic Clean

At King Organic Clean, we want to ensure that your carpets are cleaned in the safest, cleanest way to help improve the health and air quality within your home. We love meeting new people and producing results that bring a real smile. It gives us comfort going home knowing that your children and pets will be able to freely play on your carpets without the worry of them becoming poorly from the use of chemicals.

We have been cleaning organic for 12 years now and have never looked back. The benefits to you, your family and the environment are what makes it worth it — we hope you can find that too! 

Go ORganic today! We promise, you'll never look back.